Alisa Kaufman was born in 1975 and grew up in Moscow. From 1992 to 1999 she got her Master’s degree in design in the Moscow State Stroganoff Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts. This university has its tradition for studies of academic art forms such as drawing, painting and sculpturefrom its establishment in 1825 and is considered the Bauhaus of Russia.

Alisa currently lives in Oslo where she mainly works as an interior architect in addition to commissioning graphic design and illustrations. However, she never forgets her artistic roots and she has exhibited in Norway since 2005 with good reviews in Norwegian art magazines. Her works have also been bought by private collectors in Russia, Norway, USA and Germany.

Alisa uses several techniques such as lithography, linography and aquatint, but Ink & Pen is her main technique. Over the last few years her style has shifted from the monochrome towards including gradients in addition to coloured ink, water colour and marker.

Her drawings are always figurative and rich on detailed ornaments and the more you look, the more layers of details and hidden meaning will reveal themselves. Her main theme is decadence as esthetic, a style or fashion in a modern consumer society. The dark atmosphere contrasts the beauty expressed through detailed and refined lines. The classical technique enhances the timeless theme but is not created to inflict a message, but rather invites to resonate with the audiences own feelings.

Alisa Kaufman

Erling Skjalgssonsgt 20A

0267 Oslo

Mob: 93266954